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SCA rules require that maces constructed with a separate head be padded, but many kingdom marshals have ruled that these beauties are exempt from that rule because they are carved from a single piece of rattan and do not contain a separate head. While these maces are legal at the Society level and most SCA kingdoms I have checked to date, please check your local rules. For example, I had one marshal inform me that these hit “too hard” and he recommended padding them under the unwritten we-don’t-hurt-our-friends rule.

Each mace is made of a single piece of rattan turned on a lathe to provide a six inch long, two inch diameter head and a one and three eights thick shaft. The head is beveled at each end and can accept a one and one quarter inch diameter thrusting tip (check your local rules). Overall length is twenty two inches.

Note: Before you ask, I have not been successful creating a longer version of this design. Rattan is too flexible. I do have other mace designs, but refuse to sell an unpadded mace over thirty-two inches because I, also, don’t want to hurt my friends. Don’t ask.

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Dimensions 22 x 2 x 2 in
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Llewelyn Gododdin