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The 15B waster is intended to create a weapon for SCA heavy combat with a more sword-like appearance than Siloflex water pipe. In addition the inexpensive protected inner core should have at least double the life of unprotected rattan. (Read more below)

Overall length is 42″ (30″ blade and 12″ tang). It is 1.25″ diameter at the tip, and 2″ wide and 1.5″ thick at the widest part of the forte. Handle is a 1.5″ x 1.25″ ellipse in cross section. The extra thickness over the bulk of the blade should significantly increase the life compared to thinner  cylindrical Siloflex weapons.

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Most of the swords on the website are intended for any SCA fighter that wants a rattan sword that balances and looks a bit more like a real blade. Six years testing has shown that my shaped rattan wasters are legal in all kingdoms and tend to last longer than thinner rattan, despite the myth that all carved rattan is inferior to rattan with the skin intact. Instead of being built for any fighter, the 15B is the exception to this expectation.


The 15B sword was specifically made only for the serious SCA fighter, the person who would never buy a carved rattan waster elsewhere on this site because they chew through rattan too quickly. The person who would spend $100 to double (or triple) the life of his $5 rattan swords over the next decade.


The 15B uses a one inch diameter shaved rattan core inside a HDPE protective outer shell (the stuff Siloflex is made from). The outer shell improves the appearance of the rattan, increases the difficulty of the sword-wielder ignoring flat shots and protects the inner core, increasing the core’s life to double that of a standard skin-on rattan baton.



  • Is the 15B sword legal for SCA tournaments?

Not yet. As of the May 2017 edition of their kingdom newsletter, the SCA Middle kingdom Earl Marshal has announced that, “… Siloflex equivalent swords are under experimental use at this time by specifically designated people.” I am only on the initial stages of getting it approved for tournament use in other kingdoms.


  • Does it hit like an SCA sword?

Yes and no. The 15B hits harder than minimum weight rattan. In appearance and power, it more closely resembles the (legal SCA-wide) solid-rattan Foxknife 15A waster, and should be compared to the 15A for testing purposes. However the 15B isn’t exactly like the 15A rattan waster either: it has a few unique handling properties (such as less “bounce”) that some fighters may find pleasing.

  • Why is it such an odd size?

The 15B was originally intended for either one-handed or hand-and-a half use, but SCA fighters are notorious for using oversized basket hilts and loosely fitting gauntlets compared to period examples. It is easier to cut than it is to add, so I made the grip on the 15B long enough that the largest hands or the largest basket hilt has room to spare: just cut the grip down to whatever length you prefer.

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 42 x 2 x 2 in
Overall Length






Thickness at Hilt


Thickness at Tip



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