fcd9436521fa1a6e9fc48bc33bbf642eWelcome to Foxknife Rattan Wasters, a fan site for SCA armored combat and an online source for carved rattan wasters.

People unfamiliar with the Society for Creative Anachronism should see this video or visit http://sca.org.

Why do I call the Foxknife SCA rattan swords “wasters”?

While the term waster can be applied to any piece used to simulate a real sword for sport or practice purposes, not all SCA rattan swords are the same. Most SCA heavy fighters use 1.25 inch diameter round “batons” for swords. Some use a slightly thicker piece of rattan that has been shaved on two sides into a “plank” and only a select few pay as much attention to their swords as their helmets and have balanced rattan swords that have both a linear taper and a distal taper. This is what I mean when I use the term “waster”.

With the exception of our “in stock” section, all products (including “standard’ styles) are custom made with work beginning after payment is received. If you have any difficulty with the website’s automated system you may make payments to dan.mackison@pobox.com directly through Paypal.

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